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Highly experienced Health & Safety Consultancy based in Cambridgeshire, UK
Small Business Health and Safety Advice are a consultancy service for businesses that do not have an in house health and safety manager.

We understand that no one knows your business better than you do. Our aim is to use industry experience and legislation knowledge to design, implement, and deliver key solutions, specifically for your business needs.

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Quality Experience

Founded and run by Richard Meadows, SBHSA have over 35 years of experience across health & safety, operations and facilities management in multi-functional, fast-paced operational environments including, chemical manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and production

Consultative Approach

Through our consultative approach we aim to visit your business and assist you in setting in place health and safety policies that are in line with how YOUR business works

Understanding Your Business

We visit your business and understand the needs and requirements that your business has, in line with current legislations and laws in the workplace

Health & Safety

We are a qualified member of NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health)


Health & Safety Audits

We provide solutions for any uncertainties that you may have regarding legal requirements. We provide stress free workplace inspections and audits, therefore enabling you to understand strengths and weaknesses in your businesses health and safety strategy. As a result this will allow you to be more compliant to legislations.

Legal compliance

It is important for businesses to remain compliant to legislations in order to meet standards at work, to ensure that they avoid government fines. Section 37 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 out lines the offences that can occur and who can be liable, should legal compliance not be taken.

We can advise your business on how to be legally compliant by assessing risks to employees, customers, partners, and other people who could be affected by their activities on company site. SBHSA will arrange for suitable planning, organisation, control, and monitoring and for a review of preventive and protective measures.

Policies & Procedures

SBHSA will offer consultative advice to help you manage your health & safety policies, which will demonstrate a commitment to health and safety to your staff. We will help you to understand which policy will best suite your business needs. In addition we can also review any current policies and provide feedback on their effectiveness.

Risk Assessments

35 years of experience has allowed us to spot a hazard quite easily. We can provide risk assessments to prevent hazards occurring. We are able to offer a range of different risk assessments. These include manual handling, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) etc.

Accident Reporting

Our experience allows us to offer advice and specific guidance on action plans in the event of a workplace accident. This will include relevant reporting.

RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) is an essential part of on premises management and we assist in understanding what sort of things should be covered and when.

Reporting and recording are a legal requirement. The report tells the enforcing authorities for occupational health and safety (HSE & local authorities) about serious incidents and cases of disease. This means they can identify where and how risks arise and whether they need to be investigated.

Operational consultancy

SBHSA are able to apply our extensive experience across many sectors to offer operational consultancy to support our clients. Through our considered approach we are able to support our clients to improve their efficiency, organisational, functional business processes, management systems, culture, and other elements of the value chain.

Depending on your requirements this can vary from developing and implementing new operating / service delivery models, executing cost reduction programmes and optimising business processes. Some examples of previous work that we have provided for clients is boosting the ‘customer experience’ (sales, marketing), improving efficiency of logistics (supply chain), and other front office and back office initiatives.


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